Ultimate meditation & awakening music Ver: 2018 75 minutes recording

Ultimate meditation & awakening music
Ultimate meditation & awakening music Ver: 2018 75 minutes recording

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1. Awakening music (about 10 minutes)

Inducing brain waves to gamma waves and alpha waves, organizing the head, becoming clear thinking and energetic,

It is motivated music.

2. Meditation music (about 21 minutes) × 3

It induces brain waves to theta and alpha waves, making it the state of the brain wave optimal for meditation.

Because there is no clear melody, it is designed not to rush the idea.

In the second half, I have never heard fresh even if I listen to it with cosmic spread

I can soak in the sound world.

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Mindfulness, Vipassana meditation, Image meditation, TM (transcendence) meditation, etc are designed for every meditation.

Meditation music is the second and third songs enjoying the lingering finish,
Before bedtime Because it is possible to sleep pleasantly as it is at meditation.

the meditation music, from the state of becoming inexistent with
meditation by listening to the awakening music, the thought becomes
gradually clear,
Head cleaned up,
It will be exciting and exciting.

☆ impressions of those who purchased

M · K (Male 30's) (Hi Reso ver)
There was comfort of the feeling that a bright future awaits.
I felt a sense of fulfillment that I worked on something and accomplished it.
It is comfortable to hear the wide sound feeling that will be submerged in the afterglow after the end.
It is easier to awaken because the awakening music is high resolution and there is chile in the sound (it is clear).

S · S (female 30's) (high reso ver)
There was a sense of floating with a vast sense like floating in the universe and it was comfortable.
Moyamoya (something like minus thought) gathered in my mind is gone and my mind is clear.

K · H (female 30s)
"Awakening / meditation CD is my favorite favorite.
When my heart is tired, I often go to the sea alone and listen to the sound of the waves and purify it,
This CD was perfect for inducing my purification method.

At the point where the purification began with the sound of the wave and the 2nd song was cleared,
Since the latter half is a flow of sound that is brighter and easy to enter energy,
For me, I felt that the image of purification was easy CD.

I thought that it is effective also for clients, such as when relaxation of purification is induced.

I like rhythmic feeling for the first song. From now on, I will use it more various ways of enjoyment. "